JJussi wrote:
On Sunday, 22. Aprilta 2007 18:23, Petri Helin wrote:
You might not have the correct decoder installed. Check with "xine
--list-plugins" and see under "Audio decoders" whether they contain
different set of decoders on local and remote hosts.


At machine where sound works list is:
-Audio decoder:
     gsm610, mad, ffmpegaudio, mpc, nsf, dvaudio, flacdec, realadec, vorbis,
     a/52, pcm.

And at not working machine it's:
-Audio decoder:
     gsm610, ffmpegaudio, speex, realadec, nsf, dvaudio, flacdec, vorbis,
     a/52, faad, pcm, qta, dts, win32a.

which of, it is:
mad, mpc realadec

Hmm.. Maybe I have to test.. If I can figure out from where those codecs come..

mad is the decoder you need. How to obtain it depends on the distribution you are using and the method how xine has been installed. Typically it is libmad and libmad-dev or libmad0 and libmad0-dev packages you should be looking for.


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