On Sunday, 22. Aprilta 2007 18:23, Petri Helin wrote:
> You might not have the correct decoder installed. Check with "xine
> --list-plugins" and see under "Audio decoders" whether they contain
> different set of decoders on local and remote hosts.


At machine where sound works list is:
-Audio decoder:
     gsm610, mad, ffmpegaudio, mpc, nsf, dvaudio, flacdec, realadec, vorbis,
     a/52, pcm.

And at not working machine it's:
-Audio decoder:
     gsm610, ffmpegaudio, speex, realadec, nsf, dvaudio, flacdec, vorbis,
     a/52, faad, pcm, qta, dts, win32a.

which of, it is:
mad, mpc realadec

Hmm.. Maybe I have to test.. If I can figure out from where those codecs 


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