On 05/11/2007 09:25 AM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 05/10/07 20:04, Udo Richter wrote:
>>> ...
>>> VDR development would speed up, if Klaus would delegate more work to
>>> other talented coders, and doing more review instead of coding most of
>>> it himself.
>> Well, right now I'm dealing with the UTF-8 stuff, which is something
>> I myself don't need at all. But unfortunately the patch(es) for this
>> can't just be applied as it, because from what I've seen so far there
>> it is assumed that the whole program is totally going UTF-8 - which it
>> is *not*. I still want to be able to run it on a pure and clean iso8859-1
>> system. So I have to painstakingly go through the whole thing and take care
>> that it only does UTF-8 if so requested - and that's a lot more work than 
>> just
>> applying a patch...
> What's wrong with vdr using UTF-8 internally if it makes the code simpler?
> Offhand I could only imagine two places where using a different external
> encoding would be required and that's file names and tty i/o. Stuff like
> epg.data and svdrp should better use UTF-8 as you don't need to add extra meta
> data options to specify the encoding.

It's very simple: I don't like it!
The two languages I can handle can be perfectly well represented with iso8859-1,
so I just don't want to have to go through all the hassle with UTF-8.
To me, a character is a character is a byte is a byte. Period.

Now, I do see that there are people out there who can't represent their
language with single byte character sets, or want to be able to handle
more languages than a single character set can cope with, so I am going
to make VDR able to handle UTF-8. But only in a way that allows (at least)
me to completely turn this stuff off. Whenever I install a new version
of SUSE Linux, the first this I always do is turn off UTF-8. I just don't
want it and don't need it.


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