I think the best question to be asking concerning UTF-8 isn't if you
personally like the idea but rather what's better in terms of design.
That consideration should outweigh any other.  You certainly don't
want to create a situation where you're doing a lot more work then
necessary in the long run, and if there's a better way to do something
then why not let the software and end-users benefit by it?  Even if it
means more hassle now.  It sounds like UTF-8 is a pain in the ass but
it's also a one-time thing.  Once you've got it working correctly, it
shouldn't need much maintenance (if any).

Since Klaus has pointed out he has no real interest in UTF-8 himself,
maybe the task of doing -proper- implementation could be assigned to
other perfectly capable developers who are willing to do it.  This way
it can be properly implemented and Klaus wouldn't have to fuss with it
at all, allowing him to focus on code he actually wants to write.

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