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I've had problems with two episodes of a documentary series about
drugs and the human brain running on Finnish YLE Teema (originally a
French documentary by ARTE France NOVAPROD OWL). The audio channels
are labeled wrongly in the recordings (there is the original French
commentary / dubbed interviews and one with Finnish commentary /
original interviews), but more importantly, subtitles are not replayed
in the recordings! I've had no problems with DVB subtitles on other
recordings I've made.

You might want to check with ProjectX that there really is a DVB
subtitle stream in the recording. I have also experienced problems
when a recording contains both ttxt- and DVB-subtitles (for example
Canal+ HD). Both subtitles try to get to the OSD and as a result none
of them is shown. As a side effect I cannot bring the menu on either
in such a case. But I gather this is not the case with your problem?
So, maybe start with ProjectX and let us know what you find?


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