Pekka Virtanen wrote:
On 5/14/07, Arthur Konovalov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Ville Aakko wrote:
> Wathing the program in real-time has no problems, there I can see the
> subtitles without problems. Only the recordings have problems.

I have similar issue with YLE1 and YLE2. Sometimes subtitles saved, sometimes
not. ProjectX shows same: no subtitles- no DVB stream. And vice versa.

The problem is most likely caused by the fact that the PIDs for
subtitles are different than at the time the recording started.
Current implementation doesn't detect if PIDs change during recording.
As a workaround you can set your time e.g. 1 minute after the program
has begun.

Since the subtitle pids are always the same (at least I think they are on Finnish channels: Finnish subtitles can be found from 1027 for TV1, 2027 for TV2, 3027 for FST, 4027 for Teema and 5027 for Extra), would it be hard to add a possibility to fix the pids per channel? Maybe through setup.


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