2007/5/15, VDR User <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

No, I mean vdr-1.5.2.  Artur said he had attached a patch to his post
but there was no attachment and since copy & paste the patch from his
post was causing problems for some reason, I patched a vanilla
vdr-1.5.2 (which is what I use) by hand.  If it applies to any 1.4.x
then I guess that's just a bonus.

Sorry, I was confused by the fact that the patch didn't apply to 1.4.7
so I assumed it was against 1.5.x as I didn't think differences
between 1.4.x releases were so significant. Artur has cleared up the
issue stating he had made the patch with 1.4.6. However now when I'm
thinking about it perhaps copy&paste was the problem.

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