VDR User wrote:
> On 5/20/07, Artur Skawina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> VDR User wrote:
>> > I've recorded/watched a lot of tv in the last couple days and so far I
>> > haven't noticed any problems with this patch.  I am currently using v3
>> > (the patch I attached to my previous post) with vdr-1.5.2.
>> Do you know how large the buffers usually grow?
>> If you haven't reduced vdrs log level (-l) this info should be
>> somewhere in /var/log/ and you can take a look at the buffer
>> usage w/ eg:
> I use level 3 logging for vdr.  I emailed you a copy of my logs so you
> should see that by the time you read this.

Thanks. It seems that 648k was the largest size ever used for a buffer,
which is less than 1/3 of the full size (2M for Result,Transfer and TS).
The Recorder buffer was typically at 5% of its max size, ie 300k instead
of 5M. No overflows w/ v3 of the patch (two with the previous version,
which was starting out with just 128k).

I get a lot worse results here (buffers grow to a few M), but that's
probably because the vdr box is not a dedicated one, but also handles
quite a few other services; IO stalls are not uncommon and several
simultaneous recordings are sometimes done while streaming via streamdev
to another vdr. Still, no overflows.


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