On 5/20/07, Artur Skawina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thanks. It seems that 648k was the largest size ever used for a buffer,
which is less than 1/3 of the full size (2M for Result,Transfer and TS).
The Recorder buffer was typically at 5% of its max size, ie 300k instead
of 5M. No overflows w/ v3 of the patch (two with the previous version,
which was starting out with just 128k).

I get a lot worse results here (buffers grow to a few M), but that's
probably because the vdr box is not a dedicated one, but also handles
quite a few other services; IO stalls are not uncommon and several
simultaneous recordings are sometimes done while streaming via streamdev
to another vdr. Still, no overflows.

My vdr box is dedicated with the only other software running being an
ftpd for my lan.  No streaming video or anything like that.  One
dedicated vdr box connected to one tv in my living room, thats it.  :)

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