I have to say that I agree with both of you... constructive criticism is

As a quiet 'user' of vdr, for about a year, I agree with the sentiments in
Martin's post. It is very frustrating that vdr exits when reception is less
than perfect. I personally would prefer it if vdr announced on screen that
there was a bad signal condition. This is particularly frustrating if at the
time you are just watching a perfectly good recording.

So my vote would be for more benign handling of these situations so that I
dont' get asked why 'it did that' all the time :-)

Thanks again for such a great piece of software. We are just 'nit picking'
really of course!



On 5/27/07, Steffen Barszus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Martin schrieb:

> Dear Klaus,
> I pay you respect, as you do a great job. You do a lot of work - for
> free - for the community! So, don't missunderstand me: I really do not
> intend to blame you personally!
> But when it comes to the "Service" thinking of a VDR, things get
> difficult. VDR is a Service - nothing more, nothing less (SOA thinking).
> The question "was there a recording" is neglibible. I don't care if
> there is a recording going on, when I want to watch a film. The main
> job of VDR at the time of watching a recording is to display the film.
> Who cares if the current _BACKGROUND_ recording is disturbed, it's a
> _FACT_ and i _CAN'T_ change anything at this time. But it drives me
> and my beloved mad, that we have a shutdown-show-shutdown-show (okay,
> don't want to do a cut'n'paste show here, but it was 10 maybe 15, 20
> times!).
> Make a switch and everything is fine. With your emergency exit you
> fixed problems, that are actually not yours! If the DVB drivers are
> buggy, try to push the responsibility to those, who _MUST_ take care
> of the problem. For me, I have Technotrend budget cards which never
> have a DVB driver problem, it makes make blood rush.

I would suggest you to calm down a littlebit. Your language is
unapproriate i think - your point is easy - don't care about receiption
problems - don't interrupt user (inter)action.

My questions: Isn't it enough to not use -w parameter ? If not, i'm sure
somebody has allready a patch to fix this ?  With the drivers getting
very mature even for my TT Premium - Skystar2 setup, i agree that first
point should not be anymore to assume the drivers failing. But that is
all for development tree of vdr not for current stable. To get a proper
dscussion, we need to list in which situation vdr is doing what, and how
vdr should react.


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