On Sun, 27 May 2007, Andrew Herron wrote:

> I have to say that I agree with both of you... constructive criticism is
> best!
> As a quiet 'user' of vdr, for about a year, I agree with the sentiments in
> Martin's post. It is very frustrating that vdr exits when reception is less
> than perfect. I personally would prefer it if vdr announced on screen that
> there was a bad signal condition. This is particularly frustrating if at the
> time you are just watching a perfectly good recording.

I agree, with all. I would suggest to handle viewing recording or running 
a plugin (dvd plugin or mp3/mplayer etc.) would get a priority, for 
example 90. Then every recording that has lower priority would not cause 
emergency exits, no matter what. But if recording has higher priority, it 
can cause restarts.

That's my suggestion. This is not that big problem for me, but lately I've 
got couple strange emergency exits. First live view looks ok and vdr was 
recording a show or was just starting. I started to watched old recorded 
show, after a while vdr restarts. Log shows just that emergency exit was 
initiated. Okay, my system does that only once, after that the recorded 
show can be watched ok.

   Marko Myllymaa

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