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>On Monday 28 May 2007 10:38:50 Marko Myllymaa wrote:
>> On Sun, 27 May 2007, Andrew Herron wrote:
>>> I have to say that I agree with both of you... constructive
>>> criticism is best!
>>> As a quiet 'user' of vdr, for about a year, I agree with the
>>> sentiments in Martin's post. It is very frustrating that vdr exits
>>> when reception is less than perfect. I personally would prefer it
>>> if vdr announced on screen that there was a bad signal condition.
>>> This is particularly frustrating if at the time you are just
>>> watching a perfectly good recording.
>> I agree, with all. I would suggest to handle viewing recording or
>> running a plugin (dvd plugin or mp3/mplayer etc.) would get a
>> priority, for example 90. Then every recording that has lower
>> priority would not cause emergency exits, no matter what. But if
>> recording has higher priority, it can cause restarts.

>Hmm... IMO it is good that vdr tries to fix the recording problem with
>a restart.  

I think that's "historical"
When VDR (and me?) were young, there were tons of problems
with the driver, with firmware, with multithreading, reentrance and
real hardware bugs etc. (remember: the drivers are mostly based 
on reverse engineerings! And the early baords tent to "hang" causd by
bad Vcc filtering and desgin errors.)
At that time it was the only way to reload the driver by resetting the
entire box, because it was impossible to determine where 
the problem actually was.

Today i would ask: 
Why can't VDR read out the signal (strength/quality) information?
As long as there is a bit level, there is no reason to reboot, tho no
video stream might be decodable.

>If I have the choice between a corrupted recording and
>being interrupted by a restart, I would choose the restart.

The recording is corrupt anyway.
And if you have more than one card, and record more than one transponder
at the same time both(!) recordings will be broken tho only one
transponders had problems...
Not really an option, or?
At least me would prefere to have only 1 broken recording instead 
of 4...i would not choose to restart.

We had this thread all 12/18 month the last 5 years ;-)
(Thunder storms in summer and snow in winter)


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