On Sunday 10 June 2007, Kartsa wrote:

> I've got fedora with runvdr from fedora vdr package and it tries to
> restart VDR if exit code is something else than 0, 2 or 137. Sometimes
> the exit code is 137 but most of the time it is 134. This causes VDR to
> restart (or runvdr makes VDR to restart) and dvb drivers to reload.
> What does exit code 134 mean?

>From "man bash":
The return value of a simple command is its exit status, or 128+n if the 
command is terminated by signal n.

So 134 - 128 = 6, SIGABRT ("kill -l 6").  "info SIGABRT" says:
This signal indicates an error detected by the program itself and reported by 
calling `abort'.

> Why is exit code sometimes 137 and most of the times 134?

It's 137 when killproc (see /etc/init.d/functions) invoked 
from /etc/init.d/vdr gets tired of waiting for "kill -TERM" to result in vdr 
to shut down and issues a "kill -KILL" to really get rid of it.  It's 134 
when you got a "crash" caused by SIGABRT.

If you wish to debug it further, uncomment DAEMON_COREFILE_LIMIT=unlimited at 
end of /etc/sysconfig/vdr and watch if core dumps start to appear in /tmp.

> What should exit code be when VDR is shutting down either because the
> user pushed power button or because there has been no user activity?

0 if all went well (and if I remember correctly).

> I've replaced fedoras VDR with my own vdr-1.4.6 compilation (due to some
> plugins not in fedora packaging).

In my experience, crashes at vdr shutdown are almost always caused by plugin 
bugs.  I'm not aware of any such in the Fedora plugin packages at the moment.

By the way, which packaged plugins are you missing/adding?  The last 
crash-at-shutdown bug I saw was in ttxtsubs; in case you're using it, my 
patch for the crash is included in Rofa's "kermanekka" edition 
(http://www.saunalahti.fi/~rahrenbe/vdr/patches/, Fedora 7 packages at 
http://cachalot.mine.nu/ and possibly sometime soonish in Fedora proper).

Also, just in case you weren't aware of it, if your additional plugins don't 
require patching vdr itself (patches for subtitles and ttxtsubs plugins are 
already included), you can use Fedora's vdr and vdr-devel packages and build 
additional plugins for it instead of building a whole vdr of your own, 
see /usr/share/doc/vdr-*/README.package

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