On Monday 11 June 2007, Kartsa wrote:
> Ville Skyttä kirjoitti:
> >
> > If you wish to debug it further, uncomment
> > DAEMON_COREFILE_LIMIT=unlimited at end of /etc/sysconfig/vdr and watch if
> > core dumps start to appear in /tmp.
> I'll give it a try. Would -t switch be helpfull with shutdown?

No idea, I've never used that switch myself.

One possibly way to find out if the abort is because of some plugin is to 
watch /var/log/messages when shutting down vdr and to see what the last 
output before "runvdr: VDR exited with status ..." is.  If it's not "vdr: 
[...] exiting" but rather "vdr: [...] stopping plugin: foo" or "vdr: [...] 
deleting plugin: foo", it's pretty likely that the foo plugin is somehow 

> I am compiling vdr my self mostly because I like Soppalusikka :) I think
> there was some other reason(s) as well but I can not recall what :)
> I had newer actually read the README.package and it was wery illuminating.
> Maybe I'll have to start using readymade packages and give up using
> Soppalusikka :(

I don't think soppalusikka (in case you're referring to the skin) requires any 
patches to vdr, so it should be usable and buildable with the packaged 
version too.  Some dirs are obviously a bit different than in the install 
instructions, but README.package and "rpm -ql vdr" should help with those.

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