About to step into the deep end and build my first VDR box. In fact 2
of them at the same time both with the exact same specs.

All parts are going to be new.

New CPU's are a lot more confusing than the simple days of single
cores at fixed clockspeeds.

My question is what CPU should I chose for good noise reducing , heat
reducing solutions.

For processing power and cost I am looking at AMD AM2 4000 and Intel
Duel Core E2140 and Intel core2 Duo E4400. I am open to other
suggestions as long as they can currently be purchased in store.

Since the system will be spending 95% of it's time idle I want a CPU
that can drop down to the slowest possible clock speed with the least
power consumption. I will also be using temperature controlled fans to
keep it real quiet and any other ways I can find to drop down power
and noise.

Advice on the best CPU choice would be much appreciated.

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