I don't know about it restarting. The crashing with loss of signal is
suposed to be a safe guard against creating blank recordings. Seems like a
bad idea to me to. Just delete the bad recordings, don't crash the system.
Here is the fix we've been using:

Locate the line in recorder.c and comment it out.

           esyslog("ERROR: video data stream broken");
-          ShutdownHandler.RequestEmergencyExit();
+ //       ShutdownHandler.RequestEmergencyExit();

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> Hi!
> Yesterday, here at Southern Finland one of the TV channels had "cut out"
> DVB stream (like half hour). And because that stream disapeared little
> than recoding has started, VDR started to restart itself every minute
> there was no stream...
> What is point to that, that VDR do restart IF there is no stream what it
> should record.. That affected to all other recordings too because vdr was
> restarting itself constantly. Not good!
> Is there "setting" somewhere where you can say that "do not" restart if
> is no stream.
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