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>On 9/30/07, Jouni Karvo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> VDR User wrote:
>>> I like these ideas...  NO SIGNAL image in recording during no
>>> signal. Or that if no signal then no writing to disk.  And a
>>> warning in the log about a possible incomplete recording cuz of
>>> lost signal + identified in recordings menu by a special char like
>>> ? maybe.
>> I do not like the idea of an NO SIGNAL image.  I don't want any
>> subliminal messages for short losses of video.  

In any normal recording currently you would not realize that there
is missing anything (except(maybe): music).

So a "no signal" combined with "Signal information" would be helpful.
If you want to cut it "no adds" will be able to find these "breaks".
Currently "no adds" will not detect the interruptions! No chance!

>> If you really want
>> to pad the video, then either using the last frame of a black
>> picture should be enough.

>That's not exactly subliminal and it could easily be optional.  Some
>guys will prefer it and some won't.  For example it would be an easy
>indicator to identify what exact time in the recording the loss

Once uppon a time i wondered why some days some recordings
were broken resp. where not done.

After weeks i realized that this happen only when an recording
using the DVB-T card. That was caused because someone removed the
terristic anntenna: "We ara all using sat" ;-)

If the recordings would consist of "no stream" and "zero signal level"
or massbe BER the problem would have been obious.

>I see no bad reason these options can't be added, and no good reason
>they shouldn't be.



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