On 09/29/07 09:30, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
> I don't know about it restarting. The crashing with loss of signal is
> suposed to be a safe guard against creating blank recordings. Seems like a
> bad idea to me to. Just delete the bad recordings, don't crash the system.

Well, let me just comment on the nomenclature here ;-)
When VDR does an "emergency exit" because there is no video data for
a while, this is a *controlled* action that shall allow the driver
to be reloaded. Full featured cards sometimes have the problem that
they completely lock up, and reloading the driver fixes this.

So this can *not* be called "crashing", and especially not "crashing
the system", because I'm pretty sure your Linux system will not be affected
by this.

> Here is the fix we've been using:
> Locate the line in recorder.c and comment it out.
>            esyslog("ERROR: video data stream broken");
> -          ShutdownHandler.RequestEmergencyExit();
> + //       ShutdownHandler.RequestEmergencyExit();

Since several users have been complaining about this in the past,
I'll make this a setup parameter in one of the next versions, so
everybody can decide for themselves whether they prefer lost
recordings or an occasional restart.


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