Ludwig Nussel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> [...]
> I wonder whether reloading modules is still an appropriate action.
> Nowadays it's possible for example to bind/unbind drivers to/from
> specific devices. Ie if you have multiple dvb-ttpci cards it should
> be possible to reset a specific one. Maybe it would even be possible
> to implement some kind of reset ioctl in the kernel drivers so vdr
> doesn't need to rely on external scripts at all. 

Oh, that would be wonderful !
It's only my ff card that crashes. I'm running vdr inside a domU
(unfortunatly atm it's running 2.6.18). And after a while the firmware
doesn't get loaded anymore => "saa7146_vv: saa7146_vv_init(): out of
memory. aborting." (iirc, it's an old bug resolved in recent kernels)

By the way, does the budget patch fix the crashing of FF cards ?
(I know it's not a fix, since i'm only using software decoders i might
consider the modification if it prevents the ff from crashing)


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