>> How does that sound?

> Complicated.  And you did not even consider cases such as: 
> The card is receiving perfectly another channel on the same mux, 
> so tuning to another mux would not be an option.  

This was the FIX1. Transponder = mux = 'kanavanippu'. The tests 
was for VDR to better understand if DVB card is functioning. If 
it is working OK, like receiving another channel on same mux, or 
on different mux then card / DVB driver is fine, no need to 
restart VDR.

Because I've seen this restart cycle many times, and only way
out of it is editing via [your favorite editor] the timers.conf

Because between restart cycles you don't have enough time to enter
timers menu and disable timer. I don't know if this has changed on
current code, but this was problem earlier (1.3.x VDRs) on my setup.

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