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> Maybe a solution for all the ideas in here ? Let vdr call a command and
> decide based on exit status ? This could be simply set to /bin/false for
> never restart or any sophisticated logic for everything else ?

The main problem for me is that my reception is not that great.  During bad
weather, I often lose signal.  Now, if vdr happens to be recording when that
signal is lost, it will do an emergency exit.  Restarting isnt going to make
the weather get any better.  It will just keep restarting, over and over.
As soon as the rain stops, the signal comes back and vdr is fine.  Perhaps
having to reload the drivers is only a problem for people using old
kernels.  I just want to know if my recordings are corrupted or not w/o
having to watch them first. If I am not home when the problem occurs, I want
to be able to tell which ones are bad w/o having to watch it and notice the
end of the show is missing.  Marking the recording in the Recordings Menu
with any symbol you want is good enough for me, but forcing vdr reload the
drivers over and over during every storm doesnt seem like the right thing to
do either.  When the reception comes back, vdr works just fine.

Best Regards.

Best Regards.
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