> What is point to that, that VDR do restart IF there is no 
> stream what it should record.. That affected to all other
> recordings too because vdr was restarting itself constantly.
> Not good!
> Is there "setting" somewhere where you can say that "do not" 
> restart if there is no stream.

This has been discussed before, and the conclusion was that VDR 
cannot know if DVB-driver/card has failed or transponder. So it
restarts itself to reload drivers.

I think easy fix should be that VDR tries to tune the same card
to other channel, then to other transponder to see if data is 

Symptom: cannot record data
- recorded channel seems to be dead (no data received, previously VDR restart)
- fix1: tune same card to another channel on same transponder - if works tune 
- fix2: tune same card to another channel on another transponder - if works try 
recording again
- fix3: restart VDR

So in theory VDR should do ping-pong loop between problem 
and fix1 (or fix2) the time of the timer. And try to avoid 100%
CPU load with busy looping on this. So no restart if
card seems to be working -> channel & transponder seams to be

Naturally if there is a CAM-module, reset of CAM-module should be
taken into equasion. And reset of smart card etc.

Then setting on menu that "abandon timer if channel not available 
with-in [user defineable minutes] from timer start". This would 
free the DVB card for other recordings.

Also a logic for fix3. If this card it stuck, but there is another
free card to record show, and other recordings on other transponders,
do not restart.

How does that sound?


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