thanks for this great new plugin!
i tryed VLC to transcode on the fly some windows media streams which i want to 
use with your iptv plugin.
it seems to work with some issues: transcoding takes about 15% of my cpu power 
per stream. i would like to watch 5 different streams, this would take all my 
cpu power which is not very handy. i tryed using the VoD feature of vlc, but 
there are two problems:
1. vlc uses for VoD the rtsp protocol, where iptv has currently no support for.
2. vlc does not allow transcoding a windows media stream with VoD (only with 
mpeg2 streams, but thats not very interesting).

Do you have any idea how to watch several streams with your plugin without 
transcoding all the time? i only need the transcode when i watch one of the 
stream channels, so VoD would be very usefull..

Jan Segers

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