Theunis Potgieter wrote:
> I also have experienced this with DVB-S, however in my situation I 
> experienced it a bit different.
> I was switched to a radio channel which was FTA, a timer was set to 
> record a channel on the same transponder but is scrambled. The vdr info 
> bar showed it was recording. The directory was created but the file 
> 001.vdr was size 0. It also shows that I cannot tune to this channel . I 
> had to stop the timer/recording and switch to the scrambled channel and 
> enable the timer. But from there on I could jump back to the FTA radio 
> channel. Same happens every time I'm on a FTA channel and a timer starts 
> after I tuned to the channel.
> Theunis
> On 17/10/2007, *Arthur Konovalov* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL 
> wrote:
>     Hi all!
>     Our local cable operator transmit on same frequency FTA and scrambled
>     channels.
>     During recording on FTA channel it is not possible to switch to any
>     scrambled channel on the same frequency.
>     "Channel not available!" message received.
>     At the same time, when recording scrambled channel, switching to FTA or
>     to other scrambled works.
>     This behavior introduced with vdr-1.5.x versions (at least since 1.5.2,
>     if I remember correctly).
>     vdr-1.4.7 performs fine in same situation.


what You can tell about fixing this problem?
This is main restriction to switch to vdr-1.5 line.


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