> Sure,
> Standard FC 7 (I will soon upgrade it to FC 8)
> modified version of iwconfig to allow wpa-psk(2) to work
> Xine-lib cvs (v1.1.6)
> vdr-sxfe or vdr-fbfe as needed

I'm using Ubuntu, with wired ethernet. connection
So both framebuffer and xorg  with xineliboutput are working? Did you
compile them yourself, or there are binaries qavailable for Fedora?
What about CPU usage. Is the PS3 able to display everything smoothly (with
and without the OSD)?

> The PS3 is connected to a SD TV set.

As you can see it is not something complicated. Apparently when trying the
> same thing with HD (720p/1080p) television gives better result. (talking
> about picture quality) To enhance the picture quality on a SD TV you can
> deinterlace in sw before displaying the picture. The drawback is that an
> interlaced source is de-interlaced then interlaced again to coop with PAL
> standard.

My PS3 is connected to a 720p display, so this should not be a problem... if
it's not a problem for CPU usage...

> I did put this project on hold until better fb or xv support is popping up
> ;-)
> May be you will also be interested to have a look here:
> http://forums.ps2dev.org/viewtopic.php?t=8364&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

thanks for all the informations!!

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