On Tuesday 13 November 2007 15:16:32 Graziano Pavone wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Using my PS3 as a vdr client is also my target. But I experienced bad
> > (de-)interlacing when watching SD TV using SD output (even with right
> > resolution). I am now waiting the new HV xorg driver to have more control
> > on
> > the video than the already available fb blit mechanism. I did rewrite the
> > fb
> > driver of xinelib to enhace it with ps3 blit functionality and virtual fb
> > but
> > it did not improve the output quality. By the way, the PS3 have a
> > colorspace
> > issue to display the OSD with proper color palette under the fb. (X is
> > not affected by this)
> >
> > Actually I am using streamdev and xineliboutput together.
> > Xineliboutput is good to pilot the server side from any linux based
> > system.
> > Streamdev + FF card + vdr is the best deal for client device (I am using
> > this
> > solution over wifi and it works like a charm)
> > Streamdev + m3u patch is ideal to use VLC with playlist and allow Win OS
> > to
> > access the TV programs.
> Hi,
> I would like to use my PS3 as vdr client as well.
> I'm currently using xineliboutput for my other client (on a standard PC),
> so this would be my first choice, but I've no problem to switch back to
> vdr-xine (which I used in the past - with the network patch... I moved to
> xineliboutput just because I don't want to patch xine-lib everytime
> anymore..)
>  Can you give more details of what are you using on your PS3?
> Thanks,
> Graziano


Standard FC 7 (I will soon upgrade it to FC 8)
modified version of iwconfig to allow wpa-psk(2) to work
Xine-lib cvs (v1.1.6)
vdr-sxfe or vdr-fbfe as needed
The PS3 is connected to a SD TV set. 

As you can see it is not something complicated. Apparently when trying the 
same thing with HD (720p/1080p) television gives better result. (talking 
about picture quality) To enhance the picture quality on a SD TV you can 
deinterlace in sw before displaying the picture. The drawback is that an 
interlaced source is de-interlaced then interlaced again to coop with PAL 

I did put this project on hold until better fb or xv support is popping up ;-) 
May be you will also be interested to have a look here: 



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