On Tuesday 13 November 2007 15:51:06 Graziano Pavone wrote:
> > Sure,
> >
> > Standard FC 7 (I will soon upgrade it to FC 8)
> > modified version of iwconfig to allow wpa-psk(2) to work
> > Xine-lib cvs (v1.1.6)
> > vdr-sxfe or vdr-fbfe as needed
> I'm using Ubuntu, with wired ethernet. connection
> So both framebuffer and xorg  with xineliboutput are working? Did you
> compile them yourself, or there are binaries qavailable for Fedora?
> What about CPU usage. Is the PS3 able to display everything smoothly (with
> and without the OSD)?

I am compiling everything myself because I need to apply some patch to enable 
new features. (kernel side, library side). But if you want to avoid hacking 
the system you need to find a ppc repository containing VDR packages, 
especially xinelibouput plugin. 

Yes, the PS3 is able to display both video and OSD smoothly. As I said earlier 
the SD picture quality is really not optimum. May be someone can comment 720p 
or 1080p outputs?

> > The PS3 is connected to a SD TV set.
> As you can see it is not something complicated. Apparently when trying the
> > same thing with HD (720p/1080p) television gives better result. (talking
> > about picture quality) To enhance the picture quality on a SD TV you can
> > deinterlace in sw before displaying the picture. The drawback is that an
> > interlaced source is de-interlaced then interlaced again to coop with PAL
> > standard.
> My PS3 is connected to a 720p display, so this should not be a problem...
> if it's not a problem for CPU usage...

You are a lucky guy ;-) Is your TV able to upscale SD content or do you plan 
to do the up-scaling job in software?

> > I did put this project on hold until better fb or xv support is popping
> > up ;-)
> > May be you will also be interested to have a look here:
> >
> > http://forums.ps2dev.org/viewtopic.php?t=8364&postdays=0&postorder=asc&st
> >art=0
> thanks for all the informations!!

You're welcome.

> Ciao,
> Graziano

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