Jörg Knitter schrieb:

>>> I'm currently using xineliboutput for my other client (on a standard 
>>> PC), so this would be my first choice, but I've no problem to switch 
>>> back to vdr-xine (which I used in the past - with the network patch... I 
>>> moved to xineliboutput just because I don't want to patch xine-lib 
>>> everytime anymore..)
>> A nice feature that vdr-xine has over xineliboutput, is that it 
>> automatically sets itself as the primary device when a connection comes, 
>> and when the connection is closed it restores the previous primary device.
>> This way I can either watch locally with the dxr3-plugin or remotely 
>> with vdr-xine.
> I experienced the same with xineliboutput.
> A very interesing feature of xinelibout is the ability to control 
> deinterlacing, color settings etc. from within the VDR OSD in the 
> plug-in´s settings. Furthermore, xineliboutput has a function that cuts 
> and scales letterboxed 16:3 to anamorph 16:9, there is an audio 
> equalizer and much more...

Well, that's the cleaner approach of suppling an own frontend. I didn't
want to write an own frontend. But my xine plugin has to act like a
frontend within any other frontend and therefore requires some xine-lib
patches to prevent deadlocks.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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