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2007/11/13, Reinhard Nissl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> > Are there any problems in submitting the needed patch to the mainstream
> > xine-lib distribution?
> The problem is that small parts of the patch would break binary
> compatibility in xine-lib-1.1.x. This is no problem if a distribution
> decides to include the patch and recompiles all applications which use
> xine-lib-1.1.x.
> I still do provide those patches as not all people are willing to switch
> to xine-lib-1.2 (hg) which is still in development, contains the patches
> and therefore works out of the box.

This is a very good news. As soon as 1.2 version will be stable it will be
much more easy to use vdr-xine.
Picture quality seems better to me in vdr-xine than in xineliboutput, so
I'll be happy to go back to vdr-xine, I just didn't want to do all the
patching anymore (expecially because it was needed both on client and
servers in my networked enviroment). The new network feature is a big step
forward (finding the network-patch for every new release was a pain), but
xine-lib patch was still needed...

Does it mean that a linux distro that include xine-lib-1.2 will be able to
connect to a networked VDR-xine installation without the need of anything
else apart from xine?

> I only have Skystar2/Airstai2 budget cards, so it's not an issue for me.
> > A feature that allows to watch different channels on clients at the same
> > time (without using multiple vdr installations and streamdev) would
> > definetely make me switch back to vdr-xine :)
> And you wouldn't mind applying a huge patch on VDR to achieve this goal?

This feature is so interesting that I certainly wouldn't mind, even if it
would a very good feature to be included in the 1.5 vdr release... :)

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