2007/11/13, Luca Olivetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Note that 0.8.0 has network support built-in.

I know but you still have to patch and recompile xine-lib...
Are there any problems in submitting the needed patch to the mainstream
xine-lib distribution?

A nice feature that vdr-xine has over xineliboutput, is that it
> automatically sets itself as the primary device when a connection comes,
> and when the connection is closed it restores the previous primary device.
> This way I can either watch locally with the dxr3-plugin or remotely
> with vdr-xine.

I only have Skystar2/Airstai2 budget cards, so it's not an issue for me.
A feature that allows to watch different channels on clients at the same
time (without using multiple vdr installations and streamdev) would
definetely make me switch back to vdr-xine :)
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