On 11/18/07 18:31, Magnus Hörlin wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Maybe it actually is about time for me to build a new VDR.
>> I'll probably take a look at the Reel Extension HD PCI.
>> But that means I'll also need a new motherboard with at least
>> five PCI slots (for 3 DVB-S cards, 1 DVB-T and the Extension HD).
>> On my desktop PC I'm using a passively cooled Pentium M with 1.86GHz,
>> which works really good, so maybe that's also a viable choice for
>> a new VDR. I guess it goes without saying that modern motherboards
>> have a gigabit Ethernet port and graphics on board.
>> Does anybody have a recommendation for such a board?
> Well, of the 643 modern mainboards for sale in Sweden (by modern I mean 
> S775 and AM2), none combine five PCI slots with integrated graphics. Do 
> you need a GPU if the Reel card works?

Well, I guess you'll need some sort of console when installing the system,
so some basic graphics would be nice. Don't know if the HD-E acts as a
graphics card.


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