Lauri Tischler wrote:
> Jan Exner wrote:
>> But there are more people like Klaus who are quite happy with hardware
>> decoding, and I am grateful he works the way he does.
> Hear, hear...
> Thankfully no need for totally bloated X-stuff or framebuffers or such..
> Just plain minimal text/consolebased system.
> VDR _is_ just a Set-Top-Box

err... nope. For your usage it might be like that - simple and compact.

There are others who like HD material (h264) to record and view, who
like to see poor SDTV material on HD display shown at a level that does
not want to make you vomit (good deinterlace and scaling), multiple
frontends (server+client solution with dummy clients and again for HD
purposes), have big library of music, movies and images, want to have
easy to use remote access via e.g. web etc. etc. the list goes on..

Thus "VDR-box" is "a bit" more than just a set-top-box..


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