On Nov 22, 2007 7:30 AM, Füley István <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> To be clear: I did not say, that we don't need HD at all. I just said,
> that normal TV stations should stay in SD, and only a couple of premium
> (PPV, etc) channels should go HD. But the situation is more clear: not me
> is gonna be who decide the future of television but the market :)

If HD is no better or not real increase in quality then why switch
from SD at all?  If it's not any better then how have these providers,
hardware makers, etc. all tricked soooo many people into believing HD
-IS- better quality?  Maybe it's simply because it is and all the user
needs as proof is his own two eyes.  Like it or not HDTV is here to
stay, and it's taking over.  H264 is here to stay.  Change is nothing
to be scared of, especially when it's for the better.  The only thing
scary about it is being left behind and wishing you would have done
something about it sooner.

 Btw, do you still prefer music on cassette tape?  ;)  (just kidding)

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