> Alasdair Campbell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Beside all that, I do believe VDR needs to integrate H264 & HD 
>> recording, along with support built-in for multiple frontends. Hopefully 
>> I can lend a hand with the coding (in about 6 years).
> I'd be happy to do some clean C++ programming (I've haven't done C/C++
> for YEARS). But I don't know where to start.
> Do you think it would be achievable without breaking everything, or
> would it need to nearly start from scratch ? (so it would be modular
> enough to smartly handle every needs)

Well, quite big changes would have to made.

A network interface should be added between backend/frontend, so that a 
VDR client could connect into a VDR server, and use its data directly 
(caching implemented where desired), i.e. for EPG, recordings, timers, 
etc. Quite a bit of work would be needed for that separation.

This is further complicated by the need of having to use DVB cards which 
are located in hosts running separate VDR instances, possibly requiring 
defining one VDR instance as a master backend server, which handles 
allocating the devices on different hosts, etc.

> For a start, I would be happy to know if it is something feasible for
> vdr 1.5. (and how the difficulty would be)

Anssi Hannula

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