> implemented in VDR. More generally spoken VDR would need a separate
> diseqc.conf for each receiving device.

I know that. But I'm afraid that's not a priority for Klaus, at least not 
now when there's a war between features like H.26 and subtitles :)

> To circumvent this situation with current VDR you have to use
> a.) the sourcecaps-patch and


> b.) trick around with the diseqc commands: you need to assign the same
> satellite numbers (in the both rotors) for those satellites which can be
> received with both dishes and put corresponding diseqc 1.2 sequences in
> diseqc.conf.

That's not a problem. I have two Strong V50 Diseqc 1.2 positioners, and I 
can set them up to have the same numbers for same satellite positions.
But how VDR will send the diseqc commands to both of the positioners?


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