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> I don't think MPEG4 decoding will be supported in this way for a very long
> time, unless Via have changed their attitudes. (Not really bothered
> looking into this because HD is years off in the UK where I am, unless
> you fork out lots to Sky!)

Apologies for going slightly off topic, but errrm, no it isn't. Three
of the four main broadcasters in the UK will be offering HD services
this spring, for free, on the FreeSat platform. Currently you can get
an excellent service from BBC HD for free and Channel 4 HD you can
watch for the one off cost (£15) of a viewing card. C4 HD will also be
going FTA in a month or two. I can currently watch and record both
channels on my VDR box which is fantastic (check out Paul Mcartney at
the Electric Proms in HD and DD5.1!)

Apparently ITV HD will start FTA in March / April. Additionally, Luxe
HD is also FTA on Astra 2.

So, currently 4 HD channels that you can receive in the UK without
forking out lots to Sky.

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