Le mercredi 06 février 2008 à 17:29 +0200, JJussi a écrit :

> > HD needs to be shown at sizes where the extra pixels are worth our while
> > I don't have 3000€ to put into a screen.
> But some of us do! ;-)

I would probably spend a lot more time - enough to justify the cost - in
front of TV if I lived in the far north. But I don't. There is a
cost/quality threshold in entertainement and HD is on the wrong side
right now (Image quality AND content quality). DVB-S and/or DVD are
plenty enough for us. And where I live going to the movies is cheap (the
whole family of four for less than 20€) and we meet other people there
too! And the cinema is about 250 meters from home...

For me HD is one of the least exciting technological progresses ever.
Digital video is "good enough" for most needs. I wish more money was
spent producing quality content - that is the weakest link right now.

What was really exciting was finding VDR and being able to
watch/record/time shift UK TV from France with great enough image and
sound quality - much much better than the analogical satellite we had



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