On 02/22/08 04:29, ua0lnj wrote:
> Hi.
> Some satellites have many channels with same sid, nid, tid on different
> transponders. This is incorrect pid table, and vdr works with it not
> good, need scan channels and change rid manually, but if you select
> "transponder update" all you settings will be rewrite and channels
> deleted as duplicate.
> I have this trouble on ABS1 75.0 E and Express AM2 80.0 E, and I have
> very many channels with same pids on my iptv stream.
> After this patch, vdr parsing duplicate pids, and if transponders is
> not equal, channel not deleted, but rid wil be increased. If pids and
> transponders are equal, channel will be deleted as duplicate.
> Patch was made for vdr-1.5.12, but works with 1.5.15 too.
> Attached 3 patches, for native vdr and vdr + iptv plugin patched and for
> native reelchannelscan-0.4.1 plugin (include patch for 1.5.xx).

First of all, there is no cChannel::PluginParam() in plain vanilla VDR 1.5.15.

Secondly, as far as I understand this, the triplet SID/NID/TID is supposed
to be unique within one satellite.
Can you point me to a standard document that would indicate otherwise?


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