Trying working with NA sats. At least in Europe you have standards. Here the
only standard is that there is no standard.
For example, on 97w after using a custome scanner, if I allow VDR to auto
update channel names, then surf through the channels with a fresh conf, some
channels dissapear, others get renamed to wrong names, etc.. Using yaepg
while fliping through I can see some channels get shuffled and renamed.

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> On 02/24/08 12:35, Igor wrote:
> >> Have you ever tried complaining to those providers, telling them about
> >> their non-standard behavior?
> >
> > I have tried. Several times. No results.
> I wonder why these people think that the DVB standards don't apply to
> > I can confirm that only VDR has this problem. Other receivers (dreambox
for example) don't have this problem.
> Does this mean that the dreambox doesn't identify channels using
> VDR itself doesn't use the RID, and I don't like starting to use it
> just to iron out the inability of some providers to adhere to the
> I'd rather like to get rid of the RID altogether.
> Klaus
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