On Sunday 02 of March 2008, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> - Rendering the non-breaking space symbol as a blank (thanks to Tobias
> Grimm). - Changed the default character set for SI data from ISO6937 (as
> required by the DVB standard ETSI EN 300 468) to ISO-8859-9, in order to
> work around the stupidity of some providers, who actually use ISO-8859-9,
> but fail to correctly announce that.

Hi Klaus,

this change is preventing to use vdr for all Czech/Slovak satellite providers 
as they broadcast epg in ISO6937 (ok, UPC at 19.2E with some minor errors). 

This problem is now very intensively discussed at Czech and Slovak Satellite 
forum (www.cssf.cz).

Some users from www.cssf.cz are proposing how to solve the situation in the 
future, but they agreed not to initiate any changes before version 1.7.0 will 
be released.



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