On 03/05/08 22:11, Ales Jurik wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 of March 2008, Malte Schröder wrote:
>> On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 18:10:59 +0100
>>> Users in Germany should please test this, too, and do an
>>> export VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE=ISO-8859-9
>>> before starting VDR.
>>> Klaus
>> It seems to me as if we would need a per-channel setting for this ...
> This is exactly the solution which seems to be commonly forced at 
> www.cssf.cz. 

Sorry, I don't speak Czech, so I can't follow what's going on there.

> The solution is to use config file in encoding.conf format (linux enigma 
> boxes). It could be possible to define encoding not for all channels but only 
> for these which encoding is not well recognized and different from default.

With the recent change at least the Czech channels should work
properly again. Can you confirm that?

> I think not only I will be very happy to have such a solution as I'm watching 
> not only Czech channels, but also from other countries. And for example I'm 
> very disappointed to have at one channel German epg without problem (RTL, 
> EinsPlus) and at other (Q TV SHOP) epg badly encoded. 

Instead of working around these problems people should massively
complain to their broadcasters.

For version 1.6.0 there's nothing more I can do than using the environment
variable. Maybe later I'll introduce a "workaround-provider-stupidity.conf" ;-)


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