On 03/04/08 21:17, Petri Helin wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 03/04/08 19:55, Kimmo Taskinen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I switched recently to vdr 1.5 series and noticed an annoying feature/ 
>>> bug with DVB subtitles that was not present in vdr 1.4 series using  
>>> subtitles plugin.
>>> The problem is that the subtitles for hearing impaired people are  
>>> shown when watching recorded show. They are not shown if I watch the  
>>> same program as direct broadcast. Isn't there any way (except  
>>> completely disable subtitles) disable hearing impaired subtitles?
>> I find it strange that it would behave differently in live and replay
>> mode.
>>> I'm curently using 1.5.17 version with ttxtsubs and liemikuutio  
>>> patches. My language selection in DVB setup menu is "suomi" (finnish)  
>>> for both Audio and Subtitle language.
>> Does it also happen without these patches (and any other patches, for
>> that matter)?
>> Klaus
> Hi Klaus,
> I have uploaded a small sample of such a recording which shows the 
> subtitles when replayed, but not on a live view. You can download it 
> here: http://rapidshare.de/files/38744369/hoh_subtitles.tar.html
> It was made with a patched (liemikuutio + ttxtsubs) 1.5.15, but it might 
> give you a glue of the problem.
> -Petri

The info.vdr file contains

X 3 11 fin
X 2 03 fin
X 3 03 dut

which indicates that audio is in Finnish, and there are two subtitle
tracks. The one with type 03 looks like any other subtitle
track I've seen so far, like

X 3 03 rus
X 3 03 dan
X 3 03 ger

in a "La Crim" broadcast on French tv. According to the specs this is
"VBI data".

The one with type 11 is "DVB subtitles (normal) for display on 4:3 aspect ratio 

None of these two is specified as "for the hard of hearing".

>From what I was able to see in the clip you provided, the "dut" track is there
from the very beginning (don't know if it actually contains Dutch texts, though 
- my
guess would have been it is Finnish), and the "fin" track only appears when the
woman speaks English.

Since the 03 subtitles seem to be the same as what the narrator is saying (which
apparently is Finnish), it looks like the track description is wrong to
begin with, and the "dut" track is actually "Finnish for the hard of hearing".

If subtitles are enabled, VDR tries to display the best match as defined
in the setup. However, if no best match can be found, it displays the first
one that arrives.

Maybe this is what's causing the problems here. While this makes sense for
audio, it might not be that useful for subtitles. I guess some change in
cDevice::EnsureSubtitleTrack() needs to be done to fix this.

However, there still would be the problem that VDR couldn't even tell
that the "dut" track is "for the hard of hearing", because it is not
properly marked.

Or am I missing something here?


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