Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 03/07/08 06:21, JJussi wrote:
>> On Friday, 7. Marchta 2008 00:37:06 Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> The info.vdr file contains
>>> X 3 11 fin
>>> X 2 03 fin
>>> X 3 03 dut
>>> which indicates that audio is in Finnish, and there are two subtitle
>>> tracks. The one with type 03 looks like any other subtitle
>>> track I've seen so far, like
>> That dut track is "subtitle in sound".. And that way it should be sound 
>> track 
>> and not subtitle.
>> It's special. It's sound track where computer is reading subtitles in lound, 
>> for those who cannot read.
>> Only YLE use those.
> But that track contains plain old DVB subtitle bitmaps.
> How can a computer read them out loud?

I believe JJussi is mixing things up a bit. What he describes is audio 
subtitling, which YLE has chosen to send labelled as a Dutch audio 
track. It seems that they have started to use Dutch also for Finnish 
subtitling for Finnish spoken programs. The reason for that choice I 
believe is the absence of Dutch language in Finland and hopefully not 
the misconception of all the Dutch being hearing impaired... :)

The instructions for people who want to use the audio subtitling is that 
they should choose Dutch as the primary audio language and Finnish as 
the secondary. Obviously they had the same in mind for DVB subtitles.


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