On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> From what I was able to see in the clip you provided, the "dut" track is there
> from the very beginning (don't know if it actually contains Dutch texts, 
> though - my
> guess would have been it is Finnish), and the "fin" track only appears when 
> the
> woman speaks English.

For some unknown reason the Dutch language description is used in 
Finland for hard of hearing purpose. For example some events have "audio 
subtitles", where a synthetizator speaks out the finnish subtitles. It 
seems that "dut" is also used with subtitles...

> If subtitles are enabled, VDR tries to display the best match as defined
> in the setup. However, if no best match can be found, it displays the first
> one that arrives.

Well, this might be fine for audio, but with subtitles I'd shown them 
only if a preferred track is found.


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