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> FWIW, I think providing a pkgconfig file is very much a "root"
> solution (ditto $foo-config scripts, but *.pc are much simpler to
> write and read and have a unified interface).  Lots of library
> packages (and also some others) provide them nowadays which is great,
> and has made the things you express dissatisfaction with in the above
> as well as other similar ones pretty much moot.

i can't agree more.
> In fact, I think VDR should also provide a *.pc file.  I ship one in
> Fedora's VDR packages, and a good deal of it would be applicable to
> upstream VDR too. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll have
> a look at making a upstreamable version of it.

i would even say VDR is broken in the way it handles plaugins. VDR's
Makefile should install all exported vdr headers in
$(PREFIX)/include/vdr and provide a vdr.pc file (as you suggest). then
plugins could be buildable outside of VDR's source directory and
install themself in $(PREFIX)/lib/vdr. as any other plugin capable
program out there i know.

just my 2 cents ...

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