Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> pkg-config is no exotic dependency that we have good reason to avoid.

I know that its easy to install that package. (Though I wonder whether 
the linvdr guys agree.)
My point is just that its not a change-one-line-and-all-will-be-happy, 
it does add one more to the build dependency.

Basically we have two options here:
1 - keep a hard coded include path. That way some people would need to 
set up additional include paths manually.
2 - Use pkg-config. This way some people would need to install 
pkg-config to build VDR.

The question is: Which way would spoil more people? At least for me 
(s/me/Debian/), the default paths seem to be just fine. So I wonder: How 
many people need to set up different include paths?

Or even better: Is there a third way that works for both?



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