On Sat, 8 Mar 2008, Udo Richter wrote:

> The most realistic way to implement this is to add yet another 'name'
> system for channels, so that the VDR-internal channel 15 is
> 'KUAT'/'6.0'. That way, VDR could continue to use the 'simple'
> numbering, and just the channel switching would use the new numbering.

Well, if vdr would support multiple channel lists, you could name a list 
as "6". Then the main channel would be the first channel on the list 
"6.1" and subchannels from 2 to 999.

The only problem would be switching between channel lists. You could 
assign a special shortcut key ('#') for these lists and direct zapping 
to channel list "6" would simply be pressing keys '#' + '6'. It would go 
to the main channel 1 and only an additional '2' would be required to 
enter directly to a subchannel 2 ("6.2" -> '#' + '6' + '2'). You only 
have to make sure that the channel list "6" is the sixth entry.


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