On Thursday 06 March 2008 21:13:25 Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
> Well, ".", "#", "*", something in the channels.conf. "0" is not  a
> valid notation because 0 is part of the number system. 40 won't work
> for KVOA because 40 is KHRR. And when displayed it should be "."

We are talking about channel numbers, correct? Thats the arbitrary 
number I (or in the default case vdr) assign to an channel. vdr channel 
management has the advantage channel numbers even can have gaps between 
them. And I can even renumber them if I want to. So if KHRR is on 40 
just moved it up to channel number 400, following up with assigning 40 
to KHRR. Should 400 be taken by another channel, consider moving that 
one to channel number 400000 or taking a free x00 number.

Cya, Ed :)

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