I demand that Timo Laitinen may or may not have written...

> Just tackled with this one myself... at least if you used the e-tobi
> repositories. There was a strange requirement for the library version, I
> think it was something like libxine => 1.1.12 libxine << 1.1.13.

Highly unlikely.

That *is* the general form, though, and it's to do with the name of
xine-lib's plugins directory and how the plugin build scripts get the
directory name. As of 1.1.11, though, things will start getting better in
this respect since the naming of the directory will use the same information
that libtool uses for generating the library soname, and directories for
older versions (which match the same soname major number) will be looked in.

It's not *perfect* (that would involve use of details of which exported
symbols were added when to decide exactly where the plugin should go), but
it's a lot better than having to rebuild just because of a newer xine-lib :-)

> Compilation went well with libxine 1.1.17 and the plugin and the frontends
> work fine.

1.1.17? Did you get that from... I don't know, probably late next year? :-)

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