On 03/28/08 08:14, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
> On Samstag, 22. März 2008, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> But vdr does not ask the plugin to hide before trying
>>> to show the message, so I am getting the same error
>>> message in that situation. I see no way to get rid of it.
>>> As a possible solution, can the player control somehow
>>> tell vdr that it can handle the message display itself?
>>> Something like
>>> class cControl : public cOsdObject {
>>> public:
>>>   ...
>>>   virtual bool DisplayMessage(...) { return false };
>>> so if a player is active, its DisplayMessage is called.
>>> Only when it returns false, vdr then tries to display
>>> the message. 
>> See cSkinDisplayReplay::SetMessage().
> the unpatched vdr-1.5.16 does not contain that. Are you sure you
> are using an unpatched vdr? (Sorry, could not resist ;-) )
> I do have
> void cSkinClassicDisplayMessage::SetMessage(eMessageType Type, const char 
> *Text)

So I omitted the parameters, big deal ;-)

> but this plugin does not use skins at all for its player osd.
> Just cOsdProvider::NewOsd(). So I dont see how SetMessage() could 
> help me.

You could set your OSDs "level" to something greater than 0.
Then it will be pushed into background when a higher level
OSD comes up, and restored after that.


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